Dates: 24th til 31st of August, 2019

Location: Bay of Sataya, Red Sea (Egypt)

Price: € 1100

Explore the world of wild spinner dolphins

A weeklong live aboard holiday with Gaïane

Experience close encounters with dolphins of a free-ranging community of more than 200 individuals, in the calm, clear and shallow waters of the most remarkable coral lagoon of the Red Sea !

Marine mammals have developed the most curious and intelligent adaptations for hrivin in ever changing aquatic environments. These adaptations to a life in the wate make them exceptional mammals and spinner dolphins are great candidates to observe for the keen naturalist. The bay of Sataya, a lagoon-like atoll surrounded with coral reef a few miles off the Southern Egyptian shore, offers the perfect environment to discover and learn about them.
Thanks to an array of remarkable sensory organs, the spinner dolphins perceive the world of water with crystal-clear clarity. In the Red Sea, they hunt synchronously on schools of fish in deep waters at night, and during the day they rest, remaining just conscious enough to remember to breathe, and play. They make love, surf and spin in the air for sheer pleasure. They don’t have vocal cords, yet they have a voice. They develop personalities. Each of them has a name, and a culture.

Dolphins are said to live in a state of grace, meaning in harmony with the environment, with each other, and with other species. People of the sea, sailors and indigenous alike, have shared legends about it for millennia. Scientists regularly make groundbreaking discoveries about marine mammal’s lifestyle and anatomy.

Sataya is one of the rare places in the world where, in spite of a growing tourist presence, it is possible to make the exceptional experience of encountering wild dolphins on their terms. With up to 3 respectful dolphin snorkel swims per day, windows open on their world and allow each and everyone to witness a unique moment in their secret lives and games.

Gaïane, a marine biologist and experienced diver, will be your guide during the week. She will give presentations on dolphin behaviour and biology and on the coral reef – which you will have many opportunities to explore in the safety of the bay. She will also offer optional yoga workshops (yin and flow sequences including stretches) at sunset. The rest of the time is dedicated to sun enjoyment and resting, while the crew takes care of everything and kindly looks after us – from meals to room cleaning. You will go home with a rested heart full of joy, and a mouthful of stories on a one-of-a-kind encounter.

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