Dates: August 10th to 17th, 2019

Location: Mediterranean Sea 

Price: € 869 (TBC*) 

Meeting point: Hyères, France


On the tails of pilot whales

See the heart of the Mediterranean for yourself with an investigative sailing trip between friends

Embark on a weeklong adventure with a marine biologist to observe marine mammals and swim in the big blue

Although the marine life of the Mediterranean can be somewhat elusive, it is nevertheless present. All you have to do is open your eyes. Pilot whales, fin whales, sperm whales, Cuvier bottlenose whales (found at a record depth never before recorded), bottlenose dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, common, blue and white dolphins… ! The list of cetaceans goes on and on. 

Spermwhale breathing at the surface

Fin whale about to dive

Social pilot whales

Any sailor has the opportunity to see these legendary marine animals. The Pelagos basin, for example, is a marine reserve located between the Franco-Italian and Corsican coasts. Every summer, the upwelling takes place along the coast and cold nutrient-rich waters rises up from the depths, bringing their rich nutrients into contact with light and sun. This fertility attracts the rest of the ecosystem, bringing life to a normally rather sterile environment. This is where we see the cetaceans start to gather. With the help of some binoculars and a hydrophone, it is possible to locate these animals.

We are offering you the opportunity join us on a whale-spotting sailing trip. The journey will be by catamaran, where we will spend a week searching for these animals, observing their behaviour and listening to their calls. Gaïane will provide presentations on the behaviour of marine mammals documented by her underwater photographs, while Timo will be at the helm. During our trip we will be spotting marine mammals, collecting scientific data for a local research base and swimming in the sea.

* Given the fact this is our first wildlife-spotting trip in this location, it is not considered a commercial, for-profit excursion, but instead as a recreational boat trip on the Mediterranean. Therefore, the costs of the trip are divided between all participants and are aimed at covering costs only. The price of 869 € is an estimate for this adventure and includes accommodation on the boat (rental, insurance and fuel), food, and activities. It does not include snorkelling equipment, alcohol and flights.

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At the helm : Timo Elony

Timo is a passionate watersports enthusiast. The time he’s not on the water he spends preparing for the next adventure in sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing or rock-climbing.
Most of the year you will find him in the small town of Dahab on the Red Sea where he offers courses in water- and outdoor sports. He is not only involved in teaching but also working on developing climbing in the region of South Sinai and Lebanon, helping the small communities grow. His certifications include:
– Lifeguard Certificate by DLRG (German association for the rescue at sea)
– Sailing and windsurfing instructor by VDWS (biggest German association for
– Certified operator of pleasure craft
– Bachelor Degree of Mechatronics Engineering

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